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Model NO.: AKD-0161
Size: Life Size / Custom Customized: Customized
Material: Corten Steel
Technology: Forge
Surface: Polish Finish / Paint Finish
Design: Customized
Package: Wooden Batten box

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“Nut” Corten Steel Landscape Sculpture is a captivating addition to outdoor spaces where weathered steel sculptures are commonly featured. While there are numerous unique designs in Corten steel landscapes, the “Nut” Corten Steel Sculpture stands out with its distinctive and minimalist form. Corten steel landscapes themselves serve as attractive decorative elements, and this sculpture, with its simple lines reminiscent of a nut, seamlessly blends into the environment.

The sculpture’s design embraces simplicity, featuring clean lines that resemble the form of a nut. The rusted hue of the Corten steel closely mirrors the natural color of a nut, creating a visual connection with the organic world. Beyond aesthetics, the “Nut” Corten Steel Sculpture shares common advantages with nuts themselves: hardness, environmental friendliness, corrosion resistance, and the ability to withstand external forces.

Much like a nut’s durability against external influences, this weathered steel sculpture is robust and corrosion-resistant, making it a sustainable and enduring choice for outdoor adornment. The “Nut” Corten Steel Landscape Sculpture not only adds aesthetic charm to your landscape but also serves as a resilient and eco-friendly statement piece, harmonizing with nature while standing the test of time.



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