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Model NO.: AKD-0150
Size: Life Size / Custom Customized: Customized
Material: Stainless Steel #304 / 316
Technology: Forge
Surface: Polish Finish / Paint Finish
Design: Customized
Package: Wooden Batten box

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The stainless steel modern sculpture – an abstract creation resembling a ribbon gracefully dancing in the wind. Its ethereal design adds an air of elegance, making it suitable for placement both indoors and outdoors. The sculpture is available in various spray-painted finishes, ensuring color consistency in different environments.

This modern stainless steel sculpture captures the essence of movement and fluidity, creating a visually captivating experience reminiscent of a ribbon caught in a breeze. The versatility of its design allows it to seamlessly integrate into diverse settings, whether enhancing the interior of a space or becoming a statement piece in an outdoor environment.


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