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Model NO.: AKD-0216
Size: Life Size / Custom Customized: Customized
Material: Stainless Steel #304 / 316
Technology: Forge
Surface: Polish Finish / Paint Finish
Design: Customized
Package: Wooden Batten Box

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The Weather Steel Hemisphere Sculpture is a captivating piece of artistry that seamlessly blends nature-inspired aesthetics with modern design. This sculpture embodies an abstract hemisphere, resembling a half-circle gracefully resting on the ground, inviting observers to explore its intriguing form.

Crafted from corten steel, renowned for its unique weathering properties and rustic charm, this corten sculpture belongs to the distinguished Corten Circle Series. Each sculpture within this series boasts its distinct variation of the circular motif, offering a diverse range of visual experiences.

The Weather Steel Hemisphere Sculpture serves as a captivating focal point in any indoor or outdoor space, captivating viewers with its organic yet contemporary allure. Whether placed in a garden, courtyard, or indoor gallery, it effortlessly elevates the ambiance and sparks conversation with its thought-provoking presence.

Ideal for landscape architects, interior designers, and art enthusiasts alike, the Weather Steel Hemisphere Sculpture embodies the perfect harmony between artistic expression and functional design. Immerse yourself in its captivating beauty and let it inspire awe and wonder for years to come.



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